Anyone joining after the start of a round will have their starting Power Level adjusted to reflect the current members Power Levels. You will not be given a PL higher than any active player, but neither will you be so far behind that you can never catch-up and gain an advantage.

Any move that would be an instant kill in the show may only be used when attacking a WOUNDED character and even then it may only be used to kill them. Nothing special will be gained, unless otherwise noted.

When joining the Message Board sign up as your CHARACTER NAME ONLY! Do not add anything special, such as "SSJ Goku" or "Brolly the Killer". People who break this rule will not be permitted to join.

When you join you will be sent a welcoming PM with suggestions on how you should start the game as well as the password to the forms page (though you should have already found it in this How To Play section).

Your character may only participate in one activity at a time. For instance, you can not Quest if you are already Gravity Training.

You are only allowed to have ONE character TO START WITH. There are Special Quests that can be done which can lead up to you having more than one character.

If you wish to be able to fly in this RPG your character must know the technique Bukuujutsu. That is the technique of flying. For that matter, take no technique for granted. The only way you may perform a technique (and keep in mind I am only talking about techniques that involve the use of ki) is if the technique is listed under your techniques section on your Member Information Page.

If you need to perform an action not covered by our forms, use "The "Other" Page". That form was created for all purpose activities.

On your Member Page there will be a section that says "Activity". This lists what your character is currently doing, when you started, and when it will end. You may send in a Form to start a new activity the day AFTER the end date. If your activity ends on the 22nd, you may send a new Form on the 23rd.

For any activity that you are able to Role-Play out, your story MUST be in before the last day of your activity. If your activity is over on the 15th, your story MUST be in on the 15th, or it will not be credited to you.

All numerical figures will be rounded down in the case of decimal points. Even .9 (point nine) will be rounded down. However, all penalties, costs, deductions, etc... that are to be payed by the characters can never be lower than 1.

ALL Power Level raising techniques AND items may only be used for/during battles, except where EXPLICITY noted or in special circumstances, which can be discussed on a case by case basis.
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