"Credits" are the currency of Live Dragonball Z.

If you win a fight, you will either get 1/8 of the amount of credits that character has OR one of their items. You make the choice at the end of the fight.

  • When the winner is declared they will have to Role-Play searching the body. After this is done a PM will be sent to the winner telling how many credits the loser has and what items they have on their person and which of those items can be stolen. The winner will then decide if they want to take either 1/8 of the Credits or one item.
  • In order to steal a Special Quest item, you must kill the opponent.

You start out with 250c.

The Universal Market is a location. So in order to make a purchase, you must travel there. Please keep in mind that there are Planetary Markets, located on the individual Planet's pages.

  • The UM is ONLY a Store. You can do NOTHING at this location except buy items or fight someone. SO, it is IMPERATIVE you either have your own ship, or, save at least 25c, so that you can purchase a Standard Commercial Space Liner Ticket to leave The Universal Market. Otherwise, you could be stuck there for a long time.

Please view the Bank for information on banking.

If you wish to sell back a MARKET bought item, whether it be from a Planetary Market or the Universal Market, send in an "Other" Form to do so. You will be reimbursed half the cost.

For a complete list of all the items available to be bought from a market, please view The Universal Market.

  • Please keep in mind that there are several items available in Live Dragonball Z that are not obtainable through a market, as well as the possiblity to create your own items via a Role-Play Quest.
Store and Credits
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