While there is MUCH more to do with your energy than just hiding it or scouting other's, that is all this section covers.

In order to hide your ki energy (a.k.a. your Power Level) you must first learn the ability to do so. The technique is conveinently called Hide Ki. The information for this technique can be found on the Advanced Techniques A-H Page.

If you want to find out someone's Power Level and/or location you must first own a scouter or learn Sense Ki.  Once you own a scouter or have learned Sense Ki, you will gain access to the Scouter/Sense Ki Page, a page that is updated often with the current Power Levels and PLANETARY locations of every individual in the Live Dragonball Z universe. This page is passworded and only people with scouters or Sense Ki will be given the password. Please consider the password as your actual scouter or ability. Would you give your scouter away to someone? If so, then please go ahead and do so, but do not share the password. By all means, share the information your scouter gives you with anyone, but please remember that the Scouter Page password is the physical representation of your scouter.

  • If a member knows Hide Ki, then you must know Sense Ki to see their PL and location.
  • The Scouter/Sense Ki Page only shows what PLANET any individual is on. In order to see the exact location of an individual, you will need to travel to the planet and send a Scout Ki Form.
Ki Energy
The really cool stuff that comes out of your hands.