Trees of Might produce the Fruit of Might and can only be obtained via Special Quest.

A Tree of Might is only able to produce one Fruit of Might per 30 days.

  • When eaten, this Fruit will increase your Power Level by 50% (.5 times).
  • After producing three Fruit of Might (three months), the planet that the Tree of Might is on will wither and DIE.

A Tree of Might has 1,000,000,000 (One billion) Hit Points, which can only be healed by fertilizing the Tree of Might with a Fruit of Might or a Dragonball Wish. One Fruit of Might will fully heal a Tree of Might instantly.

  • There is a seven day growth period in which the Tree of Might only has 500,000,000 (Five hundred million) Hit Points. No damage is done to the planet during this growth period.
  • When the Tree of Might is in it's last week of living, the planet will have insufficient nutrients to both grow the fruit and sustain the Tree's Hit Points. Thus, the Tree's Hit Points will be reduced to 1,000,000 (One million) Hit Points.

The Tree of Might will be destroyed when/if it reaches zero Hit Points or when/if it produces it's third Fruit of Might. When a Tree of Might is destroyed, the nutrients it had been hoarding to produce the Fruit of Might are released and heal the planet instantly.

  • If a Tree of Might is destroyed because it produced its third Fruit of Might, the planet will be dead beyond natural hope.

If any character chooses to defend the Tree of Might, that character must be defeated before the Tree of Might itself can be attacked. The defender must be at the same location as the Tree of Might.
Trees of Might
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