Welcome to Live Dragonball Z! Here's where you can find all the information you might possibly need to know to play Live Dragonball Z! If, after reading through this How-to-Play section you are still unable to answer your own question, please post your question on the Message Board. However! Before you get started, you need to understand a few things that separate this game from nearly all others you will find on the Internet.

First, and I believe most importantly, this game plays more like a game of Dungeons and Dragons then it does a game of Runescape, Battledawn, Zelderex, or Star Kingdoms. It is a text based, story-provided-by-you-and-other-players driven, long term game. You can not point to a button, click it, and have your activity immediately happen. All activities are processed by completing and submitting a form and waiting for an updater to implement the changes on your member page. This game requires a high level of dedication to play. Notice I don't say play well. It takes a high level of dedication simply to play at all. The majority of our best players have been playing since October 2006. A few of these members have been playing as long as May of 2005. I hope this helps underscore the type of fortitude needed to play this game.

Second, and very important in and of itself, the mechanics of this game simply do not allow for the required patience to deal with people who are un-able or un-willing to take the necessary time to learn on their own. This game is not designed for those who need spoon-feeding when learning something new. We do not have time to tell you how to do an activity when the process is explained EXTREMELY thoroughly in the How-To-Play section. We do not have time to explain to you how to fight when the process is explained EXTREMELY thoroughly in the How-To-Play section and on the forums. If you can't take five minutes to browse the How-To-Play section for your answer, do not join this game.

Third, this game is currently run as a hobby. It is not a business, it is not a project. It takes a backseat to a lot of things in the lives of the updaters. Due to this, you need to understand a very important point; it is extremely likely that your form will not be updated the day it is received. There is even a very possible chance your form will not be updated even after your activity was to have ended. This does not mean you will lose any game time. Keep track of your own activity dates, and you may send a new form for a new activity the day after your previous activity ends.

Lastly, but still very importantly, this game takes place 1000 years after the death of Frieza. You need to read the History of Live Dragonball Z before you join.

I hope this has given you a greater idea of LDBZ and how the game operates. If you are ready to learn How-to-Play, then simply click the category you are interested in learning. If you feel like you are ready to join, then proceed to the Join Forum.
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