Any ship may orbit a planet. For every five days your ship orbits a planet, it will cost the same amount of fuel as traveling to one planet would cost. The Travel and Transport How-to-Play section has more information on the peculiarities of spaceships.

When orbiting a planet, you are not entirely safe from attack. If you and someone else have Docking Bays on your ships, they/you will be able to safely dock and enter your/their ship. If you do NOT have a Docking Bay but they have a Forced Entry on their ship, they can still board your ship, and severly damage it in the process. More information on the Docking Bay and Forced Entry can be found at The Universal Market. Boarding someone elses ship without permission immediately constitutes an aggressive action and becomes a Head On fight. More information on fights can be found in the Fight How-to-Play section.

  • If your ship is damage by a Forced Entry you will need to force the attacking ship to remain attached to your ship. If you can't do this, you will crash land on the planet you are orbiting, and will have to purchase a Spaceship Repair Kit. More information on the Spaceship Repair Kit can be found at The Universal Market.
  • By winning the fight, you assume control AND ownership of the opponent's ship.

Saiyan Space Pods can only hold one person and any items that are ON that person. Namekian and Capsule Corp. ships can hold as many items, that do NOT fit on a person, as people it can carry times ten. A five person spaceship can hold 50 items. A Team Training  Center, Flying or not, can hold almost anything. More information on these ships can be found in the Travel and Transport How-to-Play section and at The Universal Market.

  • These numbers are EXTREMELY rough. Your FTTC can NOT have a Tree of Might in it.
Space and Spaceships
No, you are not safe in space!