Your character stats are a visual representation of your character's strength. You have a Power Level (PL), Hit Points (HP), Ki Points (KP), Stamina (St), Speed (S), and Intelligence (I)/Wisdom (W). If you achieve a Super Transformation, you will obtain the Super Stamina (SS) stat. All stats start off at a certain percentage based off your Power Level. However, these numbers can be changed by obtaining "points" which can be added to an individual stat to increase the percentage. You can obtain points by undergoing specific training.

Power Level-At the beginning of a round, you start out at 1. As the round continues and players progress into higher and higher Power Levels, new player's Power Levels will be adjusted so as to not be absurdly behind current players. Your PL is THE number to look to for general power in Live Dragonball Z. All of your other stats are based off of your Power Level. Points can not be added to your PL.

Health Points-2500% (twenty five times) of your PL. Also known as hit points, HP is how much damage your character can take in battle. Each additional point adds 250%.

Ki Points-1000% (ten times) of your PL. A certain amount of KP is required to use a ki technique. Each additional point adds 100%.

Stamina-.1% (times .001) of your PL. Stamina is equivalent to MP (magic points). You need stamina to perform most ki techniques and to keep fighting in battle. Each additional point adds .01%.

Speed-500% (five times) of your PL. The person with the faster speed goes first, unless otherwise determined by the fighters. Your speed also determines the chances of your attacks hitting your opponents, based on your overall speed, the speed of the attack, and the speed of your opponent. Each additional point adds 50%.

Intelligence-.05% (.0005 times) of your PL. This amount can be increased by going to school. In order to learn some techniques, you have to be smart! Each additional point adds .005%.

  • Wisdom-By going on a Special Quest you can turn your Intelligence stat into a Wisdom stat. Wisdom allows you to learn advanced techniques in half the time as well as there being a few techinques that REQUIRE you to have Wisdom.

Super Stamina-This formula, (Intelligence or Wisdom/80)x2, will always be used. Super Stamina is further explained under the advanced technique Super Abilties on Advanced Techniques L-Z page. Points can not be added to your SS.

General Rules

When you join you are given ten points that you may distribute how you want. Take care in what you pick! There are only two ways to re-arrange points; Dragonball wishes or a Roleplay Quest that must consist of 2000 words per point desired to be moved.

As your hit points are destroyed and your ki and stamina points are used it will be up to you to replenish them. This can be done by visiting a Hospital (available at every location in the Mortal Universe) or by using an item, such as a Senzu Bean.

If your ki points or stamina points reach zero you will begin to lose hit points starting at 50% of your CURRENTLY available hit points a day and increasing by 10% each day thereafter. Once you reach the 100% mark, you will enter Wounded Status Mode. If you fail to replenish your stats within the next 24 hours, you will die.
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