To train in the Room of Spirit and Time you must first complete three tasks. The first task needed to be done is that you must have achieved the basic form of Super Mode available to your race. For changelings, you must know Henshin Nouryoku 6. The next task is simple; you must be an active player. The third task is a secret and you will be informed when, and if, you complete it. Don't fret over trying to discover what the secret task is. If you play long enough, I believe you will eventually complete the third task without even realizing it.

The RoSaT allows you to train for 60 days, while only actually spending 30 days of time. It is required to spend the entire 30 day period at once. You may Gravity Train/Spar and/or go on Role-Play, Knowledge, and/or Master Quests while in the RoSaT.

  • The RoSaT removes the LOCATION restriction from Advanced Techniques, but it does NOT remove the length of TIME required to learn the technique.

You are allowed to bring in ONE other person with you but doing so will halve the time you are allowed to have while in the RoSaT. If you choose to bring someone else with you, you will only have 15 real time days (which is 30 training days).

The RoSaT's gravitron has no limit on the number of times it can multiply gravity.
Room of Spirit and Time
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