The lists go like this; technique name (In Japanese, American, or both), description, Ki Point Cost, Health Point Damage, Stamina Cost, Speed of the Technique, Intelligence (or Wisdom) required to learn the Technique, the Block Level required to defend against the Technique, the Type of the Technique, and extra effects (if any). If the word “negligible” is next to a stat then the cost may be ignored. WSM stands for Wounded Status Mode.

There are five groups of techniques; Starting Techniques (everyone starts with these), Basic Techniques (you choose seven of these to start your character, the others can be learned in two days at any location), Advanced Techniques (you may not start with these and they are learned at specified locations with specified time frames), Live Dragonball Z Techniques (the only difference between these and Advanced Techniques is that these are made by players and staff of the game), and Afterlife Techniques (these can only be learned while you are dead and in the Afterlife).

The techniques are listed alphabetically. However, techniques that are similar in nature and/or need to be learned in a certain order, are grouped together. I.E. Kikou Ha. Kikou Ha is listed in the letter "K" section and has four techniques that it can be "upgraded" to, the fourth one being Yubisaki kara no Kikou Ha.

Hitting "Ctrl+F" allows you to search for keywords.

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