Each technique, every attack, they all have their own special advantages and disadvantages. Have you ever wanted to combine the special effect of one technique with the massive destructive potential of another? Well, Technique Fusion is the way to do it.
There are a number of special rules that must be followed, however, and these are as follows.

The moves to be fused must be of the same general type. That is, Beam to Beam, Orb to Orb, and Wave to Wave.

You must know both techniques you wish to fuse before you begin.

You must "learn" this technique for each fused technique you wish to create. This is more of a process than a specific move, and so you must go through it for each new fused technique. Even if you wished to learn fused techniques with the same move, such as Kamehameha and Big Bang, then Kamehameha and Final Flash, you would need to do BOTH quests, in full. You would, of course, also need to know all three techniques. The length of time the quest will take varies, depending on the techniques to be fused.

  • If fusing two Advanced Techniques, take the FULL (no Wisdom, no racial attritubutes, the FULL time) time for the technique with the longest learn time, and add half the time of the other technique.
  • If fusing an Advanced Technique to a Basic Technique, take half the Master Move's learn time, and add 1 (one) day.
  • If fusing two Non-Master Moves, it will take three days.

The Intelligence required for Technique Fusion is 1000 OR the Wisdom required is 750. These are regardless of the requirements for the individual techniques themselves.

You may only fuse a maximum of two techniques together.

To find out the Profile of the Fused technique, follow these rules -

  • Take the HIGHEST minimum of the two techniques and then add 50% of the minimum for the secondary technique. This may vary slightly when minimums based on a percentage of the KP are fused with number based techniques, but it will be generally straight forward.
  • Take the HPD of the BASE TECHNIQUE (nominated by the player) and add 50% of the SECONDARY TECHNIQUE's HPD. eg - HPD 8 + HPD 6 = 8+3 = 11
  • Add all stamina costs together, and double.
  • Average the speed of the two techniques.
Int or Wisdom-
  • Add either the 1000 or the 750 to the tech that has the highest Int. or Wisdom requirement.
  • Use the highest BL of the two techniques. A BL of 0 is regarded as being higher than a BL of 3, however, when a BL-0 technique is being fused with a technique with a BL of 1, 2, or 3, special modifications may apply.
  • In general, the only restriction is when fusing waves, beams, and orbs, they must be fused with a technique that is the same type. Other techniques, which have other specifications, may or may not be able to be fused. It will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
Special Effects-
  • All special effects are available, but any penalties they take from the user are multiplied by 1.25 (125%). For example, if the technique reduces the user's speed by 4, the fused form will reduce their speed by 5. Other special modifications may apply.

Here is an example of an easy-to-do fused technique.

Original Techniques

*Maha Attack-A technique that uses the hands and the mouth. A triangle is formed using the hands and the mouth and Ki is concentrated into a single spot in the center. This allows for a concentrated blast.
KPC-Any amount up to your maximum.
HPD-12 times the Ki used.
SC-.035% (.00035 times) the used Ki.
S-Add 13% of your Speed to this technique.
Type-Wave, Offensive

*Saikou Waza “Ultimate Skill”-A mouth blast for advanced warriors.
KPC-Any amount up to your maximum.
HPD-6 times the used Ki.
SC-.009% (.00009 times) the used Ki.
S-Add 12% of your Speed to this technique.
Type-Wave, Offensive

Fused Technique

Saikou Maha Waza-A perfect combination of the advanced mouth blast technique with the concentrated power of the Maha technique.
KPC-Any amount up to your maximum
HPD-15 times the used Ki.
SC-.088% (.00088 times) the used Ki.
S-Add 12.5% of your Speed to this technique.
BL- 3
Type-Wave, Offensive

ALL Fused Techniques are subject to approval and should be submitted via an AT on your personal Member forum. All finalized fused techniques will be posted on the Live Dragonball Z's Techniques page, but will not be announced when they are added.

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Technique Fusion
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