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Forms are how your activities actually get credited to your character. Select the appropriate form for the activity you wish to perform, fill the form out, and an administrator will take the information and add it to your character page. Once the activity is complete, send in your next activity, via the appropriate form, and an administrator will once again go onto your character page, update your profile in regards to the activity you recently completed, and then update your character to the new activity. As stated on the first How-to-Play page, please remember that we simply do not update every day. It is very likely, even normal practice, that your character will not be updated until a few days (perhaps a few weeks!), until after your activity ends. This does NOT mean you need to wait for us to update. That would suck and be very stupid. It DOES mean that YOU need to keep track of your activities and earnings just as much as we do. When your current activity ends, start your next one, regardless if we've updated your profile or not. If that activity ends, start your next one, and so and so forth. Your profile WILL be updated, we just won't make promises as to when. I do make this promise though, and it is a powerful one; I have no current intention of abandoning this game. If this ever changes, I will make an announcement to that effect. I make this promise so you can know that the game is not abandoned, and you can continue playing, fully expecting your updates to happen.