1000 years have passed since the death of Frieza and his empire, a moment that is still celebrated on some planets. The family line of Goku has been extinct for over 600 years, having died with the last living male of the line. He died of old age, resentful of his heritage, and purposefully choose to not reproduce. The family line of Vegeta went exinct nearly 200 years earlier, a family reunion gone wrong when intense emotions awakened the awesome power of a family infant, who unwittingly released it's life power. The blast consumed everyone. Piccolo found himself unable to reproduce. He never knew why, but he passed away happy. Yamcha never married, never fathered a child. He died alone, bitter. Tien remained celibate, and trained until the very day he died. He lived to a remarkable age of 163, but never reached his goal. He had never set one. Krillon's daughter Marron grew up a normal woman, married a normal man, and produced normal children. Their family line is the only one to still live on today, but they know nothing of their remarkable ancestry, and have no talent, latent or otherwise, for the martial arts.

The last adventure undertaken by any of them was done by the great^8 grandchild of Goku. Her name was Ruba, and ever since her great grandfather had told her the story of Frieza, as had been passed down from Goku, she swore to search out the blackstar Dragonballs and restore the peoples and planets lost to the tyranny of the Cold Empire. But she had children before she could begin, so she waited. When they were finally off on their own, living their own lives, he began her journey. The Briefs still owned Capsule Corporation at this time, and she was able to use their family history to borrow the Dragonball radar. It had been a display piece in a the Museum of Capsule Corp. Technology for many years, but the genuis' that they were, they had brought it back to life within a few days. They gave her a small ship, bade her goodluck and farewell, and waved as he left the atmosphere.

The journey was long, taking many years. The journey was treacherous, nearly taking her life numerous times. The journey was tiring, and she longed to return home to her family. But she never gave up, and was rewarded by the retrieval of a Dragonball every few years. Finally, at the age of 63, 24 years after she had left Earth, she had the last darkstar Dragonball. She wept uncontrollably until she fell asleep from exhaustion. She awoke more refreshed than she could ever remember, and spent the entire day celebrating. On the third day, she gathered the balls together and summoned the dragon. The sky blackened, and the humongous dragon filled her vision. The dragon spoke, it's voice so deep and resonating it shook the ground beneath her. "You have succeeded in gathering all seven Dragonballs. You may be granted five wishes." Ruba, shocked as she was to see what she was seeing, was shocked further still. She had only expected, and planned, for one wish. She began to consider what more she could wish for, but stopped, shaking her head. She wanted nothing, save her one wish, except to be back on Earth with her children. But it had been too long. Popping in now would only serve to upset their lives. She would stick with her one wish.

"Mighty Dragon! I have only one wish. It is my wish that the universe be restored to the way it was before the empire of the Cold's ruined it with their evil. I know many planets, and many species of people were annihilated by their hand or the hand's of their minions. I wish that these planets and peoples be restored and their civilizations brought up to date with the rest of the universe as if they had never ended. This is my wish!"

With a deep "Hm" sound, the dragon waited a a moment before responding. "It is unfortunate that you only have one wish, for this is a wish I can not grant. It exceeds the scope of my power."

With a fierce cry, Ruba turned away, tears flowing. After taking a moment, she composed her self, and turned to address the dragon again. "Dragon! I offer you my power, my life, in order to help you grant this wish! Please! Can this be done?"

"Yes, it can be done. But you would cease to exist, in this life and the next. You would no longer be. Do you understand this?"

With a fierce nod, Ruba replied, "I am willing."

The dragon's eyes glowed. "Such selfless sacrifice... Much can be done with the power it offers... Is there anything else your heart desires?"

Ruba nodded.


Ruba smiled, and wiped away a tear of unadulterated joy. Her son was playing football in the house with his son, and they were both playing with who she assumed was her great-grandson. She stepped back from the window, her smile never wavering has she faded away.


Across the universe hundreds of planets either popped back into existence, or suddenly went from dead husks, to life-supporting worlds. The sacrifice of one had saved trillions. As the dragon returned to his slumber, one thought rang out through the universe. "Though you no longer are, forever will your memory be. Though mortals may forget, I will forever remember. Ruba, Heroine of Heriones, Hero of Heros, let it be known that there is not, and will never be, anyone greater. Remember this name, for she is the cause of your rebirth. Farewell Noble Child."


And now, 1000 years after the death of Frieza, few planets remember, fewer still celebrate. But one being remembers. One being still honors the sacrifice. Their lives depend on it.
The story of the Universe.