Jobs that don't require education

Master Roshi's Magizines-Five days sorting Master Roshi's magazines.
Pays 500c.

Dragon Droppings-Three days shoveling Shenrons' droppings.
Pays 250c.

Ironing-One day ironing the Z Fighters uniforms.
Pays 100c.

Paper Route-Two days delivering papers.
Pays 150c.

Construction Worker-Two days
Pays 200c.

Miner-Seven Days.
Pays 1000c.

Jobs that do require education.
You gotta pay (for school) to get paid!

Grade E jobs

Factory Worker-As long as you want.
Pays 300c per day.

Capsule Maker-Help Dr. Briefs meet his capsule quota. Three days.
Pays 1500c.

Grade D jobs

Sales Clerk-As long as you want.
Pay 500c per day.

Steel Smelter-Five days
Pays 3000c.

Grade C jobs

Security Guard-As long as you want.
Pays 2500c per day.

Accountant-One week.
Pays 20,000c.

Grade B jobs

Landscaper-Rejuvinate the plant life and land that the warriors have destroyed. As long as you want.
Pays 3000c per day.

Secretary-File all of King Yema's soul reports. One week
Pays 22,500c.

Grade A jobs

Electrician-As long as you want.
Pays 4000c per day.

Substitute Teacher-One week.
Pays 30,000c.

Grade AA jobs

Gravitron Repairman-As long as you want.
Pays 15,000c per day.

Anti-Physics Research-Prove the impossible to be possible. 10 days
Pay 200,000c

Dragonball Research-Help scientists discover the secrets of the Dragonballs. 20 days.
Pays 500,000c.
Oh how we love the daily grind...