Periodically throughout the game, events will take place that have the potential to disrupt the daily lives of the inhabitants of the LDBZ universe. These disruptions can range from local trouble at the town level, all the way up to the destruction of... Everything (which is usually how a round will end and a new one will start). These events will happen, and they will happen with or without your participation! Designated people, usually staff, will play the part of the disruption (usually big and bad bad-guys) and will roleplay out events. It will be up to you, the players, to get involved and stop them. Or not. Left unchecked, that small time gang that took over the Red Ribbon Army camp will eventually rise up to take over planet Earth. With the resoucres of an entire planet behind them they will branch out and overwhelm other planets, and eventually take over the universe. All because you decided to keep to yourself and let them! These events will usually be entirely roleplay based, and will offer the highest pay out in awards that this game offers. They are definetly worth your time.
Hey, it can't all be about you!