A very special thanks to Pan, who was an old member/updater from the very beginning from way back in 1999. She developed the original Dead Techniques and The Next Dimension section of this site (both of which have long since been updated and revised, though the foundation she laid stays strong). Not to mention she was an excellent updater, better than I was back then.

And special thanks goes out to all the other updaters who helped me run the site back then; Nail, Olinbru, Vegeta, and others I unfortunately don't remember.

More recently, a very special thanks goes to Kyushin Juku. His contributions have rivaled my own!

A very special thank you to Jaiden for his help in running the site as of early 2008.

A very special thanks goes out to Phoxx/Marius for his hard work at creating the Live Dragonball Z banner as well as the layout and color scheme of the message board.

A very special thank you to Arose for his help in running the site as of mid-2009.

And plenty of thank-yous to all the members that have helped the site continue to grow with all of your pain-in-the-ass --- but still great! --- ideas!

Thank you everyone!

Thank You!
You have all done so much for me! :''' )   That's supposed to be a tearful smile...