Here you will find a comprehensive guide to all our items. Should you already know what you are looking for go right on ahead to the appropriate aisle. Items that take up an Inventory Spot will be labeled with an IS notation. If an item can be "stacked", meaning that more than one of that item will still only count towards one inventory spot, it will be noted in the item's description.


Saiyan Space Pod, 1500c-Adapted from the Tsufuruns by the Saiyans, this ship is twice as fast as a Capsule Corporation ship, taking only two days to get to a planet. The downfalls of this ship is that it can only contain one person and you can not gravity train in it.

Namekian Space Ship, 4000c-This ship takes three days per planet, can hold up to five people and you are allowed to go on Knowledge Quests while inside. However, you must be Namekian, or own a Namekese Language Convertor, to operate this ship. You can not gravity train on this ship.

Capsule Corporation Ship, 4000c-This ship, invented by Dr. Briefs, can carry up to five people. The CC ship is slower than a Saiyan Pod, taking four days per planet, but more consideration went into the ships accommodations. The ships come with a Gravity Multiplier, or Gravitron, which when first bought can multiply gravity up to 1000x. Enhancements for capacity and the number of times the Gravitron multiplies gravity can be bought.

Flying Team Training Center, 15,000c*-This is the pride and joy of Capsule Corporation. This massive ship takes six days to get from planet to planet but it allows you to hold an infinite number of people. You also have the option to Gravity Train in 1000x gravity. But the REAL kicker is this... You can not be sneak attacked by anyone while you are in the ship, unless they meet five conditions; they know the techniques Sneaky Bastard, Lightening Reflexes, Hide Ki, and Sense Ki, as well as owning a Scouter or an equivalent. Finally, if you are ever fighting on the defensive in your ship, you will be granted a 10% PL boost for the duration of the fight.

*A Grounded Team Training Center is available for 10,000c. If you ever change your mind and want your GTTC to be able to fly, the retrofit price is 6000c.

Saiyan Space Pod Remote, 250c, IS-The SSPR is .25" thick, 1.5" wide, and 3" long. This remote allows for the owner (or whoever is in possession of the remote) to control their ship... Remotely! You can recall your ship from somewhere, send it somewhere, or even cause the self-destruction of the ship! Works on a Saiyan Space Pod only.

Capsule Corporation Space Ship Remote, 400c, IS-The only difference between this remote and others is that it only works on Capsule Corp. ships.

Namekian Space Ship Remote, 500c, IS-The two differences between this remote and others is that it only works on Namekian ships and you must either be Namekian, or own a Namekese language translator.

Flying Team Training Center Remote, 750c, IS-The only difference between this remote and others is that it only works on FTTCs.

Universal Remote, 1250c, IS-This remote has the ability to control all the types of ships.

Spaceship Fuel, 100c-Your ship needs fuel in order to fly! You also need fuel in order to operate any rejuvenation tanks you might own. One unit of fuel will operate a rejuvenation tank one time. You may only purchase fuel if you own a ship or are immediately sending the fuel to someone who does. This item, while going directly into the ship's fuel system, can be stacked.

  • Saiyan Space Pods require one unit of fuel per planet traveled.
  • Namekian Space Ships require one unit of fuel per planet traveled.
  • Capsule Corporation Space Ships require two units of fuel per planet traveled.
  • Flying Team Training Centers require four units of fuel per planet traveled.

Mirror Plating, 10x the purchase price of your ship-An ingenious item, created by a race of people running away from Frieza and his henchmen, this reflects the ships surroundings, which, while in space ONLY, makes it seem to disappear. Ships who have this plating can not be attacked, at all, unless five conditions are met; the attacker know the techniques Sneaky Bastard, Lightening Reflexes, Hide Ki, and Sense Ki, as well as owning a Scouter or an equivalent. If you own both MP and Radar Absorbent Plating, your ship becomes invulnerable to attack!

Capacity Upgrade, 500c-For the Capsule Corp. and Namekian ships, this feature increases the amount of passengers you can carry by one. This may be bought as many times as you like.

Speed Upgrade, 100,000c-Ship to slow for you? Hehe, well this baby will decrease your travel time by one day. This upgrade may be bought as many times as it takes to get your ship to one day speed, as one day per planet is a required minimum. However, once your Space Ship is able to get to a Planet in just one day, you may buy one more Speed Upgrade to allow your Ship to move diagonally across The Universe.

Gravitron Upgrade, 2500c-For the Capsule Corp. and F/GTTC ships, this item increases the amount of gravity you can train under by 1000x.

Quest Deck, 500c-Only for F/GTTCs, this feature allows you to go on Knowledge Quests in your ship.

Quest Deck Upgrade, 5001c-Only for F/GTTCs, this feature allows you to go on Master Quests in your ship via holographic training. This increases the time needed by 50%. Take the normal time required to learn the technique and multiply that by 1.5 to get the new amount of time.

Commercial Spaceline Ticket IS-This is a one use, one way, ticket to a planet of your choice. There are four services you may choose from;

  • Standard, 100c-Takes four days per planet and you are able to Gravity Train up 100x in this Space Liner.
  • Standard Express, 200c-Takes three days per planet and you are able to Gravity Train up 200x in this Space Liner.
  • First Class, 300c-Takes two days per planet and you are able to Gravity Train up 300x in this Space Liner.
  • First Class Express, 400c-Takes one day per planet and you are able to Gravity Train up 400x in this Space Liner.

Spaceline tickets may be stacked.

Docking Bay, 5001c-So that friends, and foes, can safely, without causing damage, connect to ships so that they can be boarded. Easily built into any ship other than a Saiyan Space Pod. Both ships must have one in order for the mechanism to work.

Forced Entry, 10,000c-It's official use is to help retrieve survivors off of doomed ships, but pirates and other criminals have devised other uses for it. It is also easily built into any ship, other than a Saiyan Space Pod, and rests flat on the surface until it is ready to be used. Once ready the center comes out to turn the device into a hollow drill. You must drill through the other ship's hull, wait for the sealant to harden (Mere seconds) and then wait for the drill point to open so that you may pass through the hollow of the drill. This should only be used on doomed vessels as it causes major (obviously) damage which renders the Ship inoperable until it is repaired.

Radar, 250,000c-Not cheap, is it?  The Radar allows you to pick up the name and location of ships in space nearby! This item is not available for Saiyan Space Pods.

Radar Absorbent Plating, 15x original purchase price of your ship-This isn't cheap either! Radar Absorbent Plating makies it impossible for your ship to be picked up on Radar, but does not make it invisible, so you are still detectable by the naked eye!  Obviously, this does NOT make you invulnerable to attack unless you have both RAP and Mirror Plating. This item IS available for Saiyan Space Pods!

Spaceship Repair Kit, see description-Sorry folks, this is not a do-it-yourselfer, this is just what the repairmen call their package. If your ship is not operating properly, bring it to them. It costs half of the original cost of the ship. May be done at any location.


Basic Weapon, 1000c, IS-Weapons allow for increased damage in battle. You may purchase any weapon you want. No additional attributes are included. Please see the How-to-Play Weapons and Armor section for more information.

Scouter, 10,000c, IS if more than one is owned-Scouters were invented by the Tsufuruns, or Tuffles, in order to better help them fight the attacking Saiyans. Scouters can monitor the power levels of individuals, as well as act as communication devices. They are NOT able to locate Dragonballs. Scouters are powered by the individuals own ki energy, which is why they blow up when you scout a specific person who stronger than you. The limit of their ability is 1000% your own power level. Scouters can be targeted for destruction in fights! A beam type attack must be used and the Speed of the attack must be five times the Speed of the defender.

Basic Armor, 5001c, IS if more than one is owned-Armors allow for increased protection in battle. You may purchase any armor you want, though the Saiyan style is the most popular. No additional attributes are included. The How-to-Play Weapons and Armor section has more information.


Rejuvenation Tank, 5001c-This helpful container will take a sample of your genetic make-up and creates a healing liquid that is uniquely synthesized to your DNA. It costs one unit of fuel to operate and takes one day to fully heal any individual. A rejuvenation tank may only be purchased if it is to be immediately installed in a ship or GTTC. Rejuvenation tanks can not be transferred except via personal transport. You may only have one rejuvenation tank for every three people your ship can hold.


Utility Belt, 50c, IS if more than one is owned-This item is required to carry more than two items. A standard carpenters belt, it can hold up to six items. You may own as many of these as you want but may only wear one of them at a time.

Capsule Holder, 500c, IS-This is required to hold more than 6 items. 3 inches by 3 inches it fits nicely into a Utility Belt pocket and holds 12 capsules. Comes with the necessary equipment to capsulize your items!


Weighted Clothing, 3c for 1 lb., IS when not being worn-Weighted Clothing gives you a higher Power Level raise when you Gravity Train/Spar. You can see how much of an increase on the Formulas page. Beware, every one pound takes five points off of your speed. If you are sneak attacked via a Head On fight, you will suffer this speed loss until after your initial response, after which you will be allowed to take an opportunity to remove the clothing. Be very careful about this! If you do not have a spare inventory spot you will be required to either continue wearing the clothing, or discard of it permanently. Weighted clothing may be stacked.

Keg O' Saiya-Gin, 500c (10 drinks), IS although only the Capsule Holder is acceptable-This was brought to Earth by a passing Saiyan, guaranteeing a wild good time. When you drink Saiya-Gin with one or more people, you will begin to fight everyone who is drinking! The good thing about this is that the next morning, after your hangover has faded, you will receive 1/10 PL from everyone involved! HOWEVER, due to your drunken brawl, you will remain incapacitated (wounded) for one week. You may NOT use a healing process to bypass this EXCEPT for a Senzu Bean.

Holographic Trainer, 1c per PL Point, IS-Having this with you adds its' Power Level to any PL you gain during gravity training or sparring and then doubles the total amount. For more information on the Holographic Trainer see the How to Play Gravity Training page.

Holographic Trainer Upgrade, 1.5c per PL Point (must purchase in even amounts)-Adds Power Level Points to your Holographic Trainer. May be bought numerous times.


Dragonball Radar, 5001c, IS-This device was invented by Bulma Briefs. It locks on to a Dragonball's energy signature in order to help you locate them. Dragonballs can not be found without one!

Namekese Translator, 500c, IS-Simply converts the Namekese language into your own language. Required if you wish to use the Old or New Namek Dragonballs or a Namekian spaceship and are not Namekian.

Universal Translator, 1000c, IS-A device which "listens" to the words being spoken and, through mathematical analysis, determines the correct translation. This device is required to use the Darkstar Dragonballs
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