There are two types of weapons in Live Dragonball Z. Blunt Weapons, and Edged Weapons. Each type can be used to cause more damage than the standard Physical Melee Techniques. You may view the Weapon Melee Techniques on the Starting Techniques page.

All weaponry in the LDBZ universe has a Hit Point rating (unless otherwise noted). All weapons have a rating of ten except for weapons obtained through a Special Quest. Special Quest weapons are indestructible (unless otherwise noted). EVERYTIME you USE a weapon, in a fight, whether it's in offense or defense, your weapon loses a hit point. If it reaches zero, it is destroyed. In the cases of weapons that use ammunition, I.E. guns, bows and arrows, etc... The ten hit points translates into ten rounds of ammunition. If you use all your ammo, the weapon is destroyed.

All armor in the LDBZ universe has a Hit Point rating (unless otherwise noted). All armors have a rating of ten except for armors obtained through a Special Quest. Special Quest armors are indestructible (unless otherwise noted). The rating of your armor indicates the percentage of Hit Point damage you are immune to, times two. A rating of ten means you will suffer 20% less HP damage from an attack. EVERYTIME you take damage, whether it's Hit Points or Stamina, your armor loses a point. If it reaches zero, it is destroyed.

Basic weapons and armors are available for purchase from any market. Merely state what type of weapon and/or armor you wish to have when you send in your Market Form.

Weapons and armors with special attritubutes may be created if you have Manuafacturing Education. The Forge has more information on the benefits of creating your own weapons and armors .

You may repair your weapon/replenish your ammunition or your armor, ONLY IF you have Manufacturing Education. Starting at 14,000c per hit point, for every level of Manufacturing Education you have, the repair/replenish price goes down by 1000c.

Basic weapons and armors can be upgraded, as well as created weapons and armors . In this case, the word "upgraded" does not refer to bonus attributes, but to special abilties that your weapon or armor could possess. To accomplish this you must go on a Role-Play Quest. More information on Role-Play Quests can be found in the Quests How-to-Play section.

  • When you want to go on a Role-Play Quest to upgrade a weapon or armor, you must first use an Other Form to send in your idea. We will then review it and let you know if it is an acceptable upgrade or not. We can't have people creating weapons and armors with "Instant death aura!" If you have chosen an acceptable upgrade, we will inform you how long the quest should take.
  • Some basic suggestions for upgraded weapons and armors; add a ki edge/barrier around them, add an element to them (fire, ice, earth, etc...), the ability to drain HP, KP, etc... Any idea is acceptable at least to the point of review.
Weapons and Armor
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