Saibamen and Androids you build/earn via Special Quest can be used as henchmen for your character. They can not perform any activity that's only function is Power Level increasing.

  • The only exceptions to this are fights. Henchmen can assist you in fighting but they will receive no PL gain for themselves.
  • Henchmen DO count for the 2% decrease in Power Level taken from the defender in fights.
  • Henchmen do not receive the same die rolls as your main character. They will each receive their own die roll, but are restricted to a four-sided die, as opposed to the regular six-sided die.

Henchmen are only able to perform jobs that do not require any education.

Saibamen start out at 1/8 your PL. This amount can be increased via special fruits that can be obtained via Special Quest.

Androids start out at 1/2 your PL. This amount can not be increased.

When you use an Equality Fruit (available via Special Quest) on a Saibaman, it becomes an extra character for you to play with. The Saibaman's PL will be put at half the PL of the character who owned it. In order to turn an Android into an extra character you must send the Android on a Role-Play Quest that must last seven days and must have 1000 words written per day. This amount can be mixed between days, I.E. 500 one day, 1500 another day, etc...

Henchmen have no Wounded Status Mode. Instead, they die and are removed from game after they have lost two battles. The only way to reset this number is by a Dragonball Wish.

Saibamen start out with the techniques Saigo no Waza “Final Skill” and Acid Stream. Androids may or may not start with any techniques. See the Android Special Quest for clarification.
It's always nice to have underlings.