While you can play almost this entire game without writing a single, story-related, word, you will absolutely miss out on the benefits, both real and abstract.  The only actual required writing is for Repeatable and Special Quests.

Abstract Benefits-This is really decided by you. Maybe you simply enjoy writing. Maybe you like the feeling of starting a project and completeing to the best of your ability. Perhaps you love to interact with other people in a make-believe world. Whatever it is, these benefits do not affect anything but you. Not your character, not your character's Power Level, just you.

Real Benefits-Ah, here it is. What you actually get for your trouble. None of that hoo-hah crap about feeling good about yourself, right? Well this is how it works.

  • Role-Play Quests-As mentioned before, these quests are the backbone of Live Dragonball Z's Role-Play element. As such, how much you earn and what you gain is directly related to the quality and quantity of what you write. Once a story of yours is completed, anyone may rate and judge it on a scale of 1-10. A ten must be perfect. No spelling mistakes, no grammar errors, not a single error to be found, but will be well worth your effort. Anything rated under a five is a failure and must be re-written in order to receive credit. Any Administrator or Updater of the site will make the final decision on the rating. This initial rating will be the percentage amount of your current Power Level that you will earn, as a base earning, but grades of nine and ten will be slightly altered. A rating of nine will earn you 10% of your current Power Level, while 6 would only give you 6%, 7 would give 7%, and an 8 would give 8%. A perfect 10 would earn you a whopping 15%. Then, based on your rating, you will earn additional percentage points that are related to your word count. A perfect ten is a point every 500 words. A rating of nine is a point every 1000 words, a rating of eight is 5000, seven is 7000, six is 8000, and five is 10,000. This means that a story with a rating of nine that has 16,000 words would earn 26% of the writer's current Power Level, while an identical word count with a grade of ten would dish out an incredible 47% of the writer's power level. Credits are simply determined on a case-by-case basis, with a heavy dose of realism involved.
  • Knowledge, Master, and Dragonball Quests-Since no Power Level of Credits are earned in these quests, you can only earn time. To be specific, you can shorten these quests by a number of days. This is not determined by a word amount, but rather by how members feel the writer did. You can be sure that five paragraphs of writing will not earn you a single day off. The better and more you write, the more days you can be granted.
  • Gravity Training and Sparring-These activities do not require any amount of writing. But for those who choose to do so, there are benefits. This works the same as Role-Play Quests except for one aspect; the bonus percentage point can be earned by exactly half the amount of words. A rating of ten can earn a point for every 250 words, and a rating of five can earn a point for every 5000 words.
Writing Bonuses
This is why you should write.