Teams are a great way to band together with friends, allies, rivals, or, in rare circumstances, even foes, in order to take on a task that would be too great to do on your own. Teams are pretty much up to you. We provide a team page so the members of the team have easy access to certain bits of information and that's about it. There are just a few rules, which are more like guidelines, concerning teams on LDBZ.

You may have as many members as you want, but no fewer than two.

There needs to be one designated leader. The rest of the members can be labled/ranked as the leader sees fit.

The leader is ENTIRELY in charge of the team. The leader can invite or kick-out as they see fit.

The team lockbox is a "place" where you can, basically, donate items to the team. The lockbox is controlled by the leader and he can put it wherever he wants. Then any teammate who wants to get into the lockbox only needs to be in the same location and send in an Other Form stating what they want to take out of it. Make sure you fully trust your teammates before placing an item in the lockbox, as any teammate can take any item from the lockbox at anytime.

One of the bits of information provided by the team page is an enemy list and an ally list. Teamates will always know who TO attack and who NOT to attack. You do not have to populate these lists.

Team motto, picture, etc... are all optional and can be declared via the Create Team Form at any time.
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