There are five types of fights, all of which must take place on the Message Board. The fights are Head On, Challenge, Honor, Special, and Role-Play. There are two very detailed example fights on the Message Board. Read this one first, and this one second. Those two topics go hand-in-hand with this page.

Head On-This is a surprise attack that leaves the defender with no choice but to fight (or defend) for at least one post. If the attacker is within the proper criteria, his Offensive Actions will be doubled for his first post, up to a maximum of six, and the defender will not be able to flee until after he dodges or blocks the attacks in the attacker's first post.

  • Being a victim of a Head On attack will usually mean it will interrupt you in the middle of an activity. With that said, fleeing from a battle cancels all your current activities. If you are performing an activity that can NOT be calculated on a daily basis (a Master Quest being one example) and you flee (or lose), you will lose all time spent on that activity. If you are performing an activity that CAN be calculated on a daily basis (Gravity Training being one example) you will earn proper amounts based on how long you had performed that activity before being attacked.
  • If you win the fight, as the defender, your activities will resume uninterrupted.

If the victim of a Head On attack has a scouter or knows Sense Ki, the surprise factor will fail, and the attacker will end up being surprised by one of the defender's attacks, with a 10% penalty of stats to be paid to defend against the one attack.

  • Sense Ki and Hide Ki offer different variables concerning the success or failure of Head On attacks. Please see these individual techniques for more information.

If you are Head On attacked while already in Wounded Status Mode, you only have the option to flee, or kill yourself. However, you may not use any teleportation techniques while wounded. You may only fly via Buukujutsu or spaceship.

You are restricted to attempting a maximum of two Head On attacks per day whether they are against the same person or not.

Challenge-This is a basic fight. You, and others if you'd like, challenge one or more persons, on your own time, in your own way, and if they accept, you fight.

Honor-A basic fight with the condition that all participants fight with the same Power Level, a number to be agreed upon by all participants. All PL raising techniques, items, etc... are only used for storyline purposes and will have no effect on the numbers involved in the fight.

  • ALL participants get a 10% increase to their PL after the fight, BEFORE the winning values are awarded. Even the losers of the fight are given the 10% increase. To prevent abuse, the losers of this type of fight must spend double the required amount of time, credits, Senzu Beans, or stats normally required to heal from Wounded Status Mode and you may only participate in this type of fight once per four weeks.

Special-This is here so that you, the players, can design any type of fight you would like to do. Use your imagination. You may have High Gravity, No Ki use, Zero Gravity, No Air, etc... Any type of scenario that you can get another player to agree to is usually acceptable. Special fights will always have to be cleared and approved by an updater before they can commence. Use the Fights Forum to post your idea and/or challenge.

  • ALL participants get a 5% increase to their PL after the fight, BEFORE the winning values are awarded. Even the losers of the fight are given the 5% increase. To prevent abuse, you may only participate in this type of fight once per two weeks.

Role-Play-Known to some as the purest form of Role-Play fighting, this is here for just that reason. This fight is based off of absolutely NO numbers. Participants must agree to abide by the manager's decision on who the winners might be before this type of fight can begin. This type of fight is done strictly via Role-Play only. One player posts, the next player responds, and so on and so forth. God-Modding is obviously not allowed. These type of fights are heavily refereed to prevent abuse. Read this topic for an example of how a Role-Play fight might operate.

General Fight Rules

You may only flee a battle under four conditions; your Speed is 5% more than your opponent's Speed; you know a teleportation technique; there is at least one other individual involved in the fight to distract them; or your own a ship AND a remote control for that ship.

  • Fleeing to a different location ON-PLANET means you run the risk of being attacked by the same person again in the same day. If you flee to a DIFFERENT planet, the same person will not be able to attack you in that same day.
  • Speed increasing techniques are acceptable when fleeing.
  • Techniques that allow for creation of clones are NOT acceptable distractions for fleeing.
  • There are certain techniques that will still allow you to flee should you be unable too under these four conditions. These will be described in the descriptions of the individual techniques.

You may only attack people in the exact same location as you. You are not able to attack people across space, or planets.

Fights may have multiple participants. Each participant involved will have to send in the appropriate Form. For each extra fighter one side has over the other, the PLs for the side with fewer fighters will be reduced by 2% for each fighter they are down (five against four means a reduction of 2%, Six against two means a reduction of 8%). This reduction includes all other stats as well.

  • This PL reduction takes place the instant one side has more fighters than the other. This is a fluid movement of PL and you need to adjust your numbers accordingly, and immediately as the number of fighters changes.
  • Henchmen count as well, unless specifically stated otherwise. Techniques that create clones, even the technique "Perfect Clone", do not count.

If you win any type of fight, the only exception being Universal Roleplay fights, you get a Power Level increase equal to 1/8 the Power Level of your opponent(s). If you win a fight against a playing member you get either 1/8 of their credits or a single item on their person.

  • If you win a fight you will need to send a Reminder Form with a link to the fight thread and we will tell you how many credits you can steal versus what items you can steal.
  • Almost all items that a person can carry can be stolen. However, items gained from a Special Quest can only be taken if the opponent is KILLED.

YOU can't initiate any attacks while while already engaged in any activity (except the Role-Play Quest). However, you can almost always BE attacked.

  • You can, of course, end any activity pre-maturely if you wish to attack someone before the regular end date of your activity.

Losing a fight will cause you to enter Wounded Status Mode. You lose a fight when your Hit Points are reduced to zero or your Ki Points or Stamina points are reduced to zero and you have no way of bringing them back up. Once you have entered WSM your HP goes back up to 10% of your max available HP. If a fight effectively ends with no one at zero HP, then, starting at HP and only going to the next stat in case of a tie, whoever has the most of a stat will be declared the winner.

  • While in WSM you are immobilized for five days unless otherwise noted by a special healing process. You may do NOTHING except flee from another fight until you are healed.
  • Losing a fight in WSM will cause you to DIE and go to The Afterlife.

When PL raising techniques are used, or if you find yourself in a situation where your PL is lowered, your stats are affected accordingly, and immediately. This is very simple when you are at full strength, but once stats like Ki Points, Stamina, Hit Points, and even Super Stamina end up being used, keeping proper track of your stats can be tricky, especially when your PL fluctuates. This is how you do it.

  • Using your current stats from your unaltered PL, take what amount you have left and divide it by your base amount. If your PL is 10,000 then you have 250,000 HP, 100,000 KP, and 10 Stamina. The battle has progressed and you are now left with 200,000 HP, 23,567 KP, and 1 Stamina. Time to use Oozaro. Your PL jumps to 30,000, your BASE HP to 1,875,000, your BASE KP to 450,000, and your BASE Stamina to 45. No, you don't automatically heal, and no you can't just multiply your remaining stats by three (which is Oozaro's PL increase). Dividing 200,000 into 250,000 gives you an answer of .8, which you multiply into your new base HP. .8*1,875,000=1,500,000. If your PL goes back down, you do the same thing.
  • Bottom line? Take your current stat, divide it by your base stat, and then multiply that answer by your new base stat to get your new current stat.

For ALL your fights, in addition to sending a Form to start the fight, you will need to start the fight topic on the Message Board in the Fights forum with the FIGHT TITLE AND THE DATE YOU STARTED as the topic title.

Fights are one of the few activities that take less than a 24-hour period to complete (more information on how time in LDBZ operates can be found here). Activities can be started on the same day a fight ends, but a fight can not be started the same day an activity ends.
Knowing how to fight is essential to become the strongest player.