The Universal Tournament will be held at a minimum of once a year and a maximum of four times a year.

A Universal Tournament will always be announced, at minimum, one month before it is to begin. The application process will be explained at the time of the announcement but will usually consist of posting a small RP that consists of how and why you attended the tournament.

All fights in the Universal Tournament must be done in the style of a Challenge fight. Challenge fights are explained in the How-to-Play Fights section.

All fights are to be fought one-on-one. No type of henchman is allowed. However, techniques which produce clones ARE allowed.

You can die in this tournament with a SINGLE loss. After losing a match, if your opponent launches a blast that would be sufficient to destroy 10% of your Hit Points (this is what happens when you enter Wounded Status Mode, as explained in the How-to-Play Fights section) you will die.

  • If you kill your opponent you will instantly be disqualified from the tournament.

If a specified length of time is given for a post to be made, and this time is not met, the person who failed to post by the required time will forfeit and be disqualified. The victor will then be required to make a victory post within 48 hours or they will also forfiet and be disqualified.

The Universal Tournament is considered a "real" activity. You can not do anything else while participating in the tournament.

  • The Universal Tournament takes place over a week's time. Win OR lose, you will be required to spend the full week at the tournament. This leaves a lot of time for role-playing, which means a lot of oppurtunity to earn extra Power Level, Credits, items, etc... However, anything you might earn by role-playing during this time will not be credited to you until after the tournament is over.

If no specific description of the arena is provided beforehand then the default arena is the same one as the show.

  • However, you can never lose by ring-out. You may not say "I rushed in and hammer-blowed Goku to the grassy area out of the ring. I was victorius!" But, if you win via APPROPRIATE methods, as explained in the How-to-Play Fights section, you are welcome to role-play your opponent falling out of the ring.

Losing a match in the tournament is the same as losing a fight in the "real" LDBZ world, as explained in the How-to-Play Fights section. The only addition is that anyone may surrender at anytime and thus leave the fight, with no further harm.

  • To be clear, you MAY still harm someone who surrenders. One attack will be permitted against a surrendering opponent, but doing so will be cause for disqualification.

You ARE allowed to enter the tournament if you are dead, BUT, if you lose, your character will be sent to Maikai. Read that link! Being sent to Maikai means it's possible your character can be deleted!

Anyone who happens to be under the influence of a Dragonball Wish during the time of the tournament will lose the influence for the duration of their participation. Compensation is possible and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

You may not fight as a fused character.

Absolutely no items may be used/worn in the battle.

The Tournament is SINGLE elimination. One loss and you're out.

There will be UP TO 5 classes. A competitor may choose to compete in a higher class, but not a lower one. To see the list of classes AND the prizes available, please see the Universal Tournament page.
Universal Tournament
The strongest warriors from around the universe attend this tournament. You're going, right?