Managers and Updaters of the game have final say in all rulings. Do not pester us with whiny complaints. However, LEGITIMATE complaints and arguments are ENCOURAGED. We DO make mistakes.

No cheating! In this game, cheating will probably mean you are lying about something involving your character. As of yet, we have not found any other way for people to cheat. If we find out that you're purposefully cheating in any way or form we will immediately kick you out of the RPG.

Do NOT ask us a question without reviewing all of the website first. More often than not the answer you need is here within the How-to-Play section, or elsewhere on the site. Do NOT waste our time with questions you can answer yourself with 30 seconds of effort. If we are able to say "Oh yeah, that's in the Fights How-to-Play section, right at the top.", then you should not have asked that question. On top of this, more than likely you will get your answer MUCH faster if you search for it yourself. We do not check the staff e-mail everyday.

Impersonation, personal attacks, Out Of Character (OOC) attacks, soliciting private information, and refusal to give game identity are grounds for PL dock, suspension, and expulsion.

Do NOT E-mail us at our private e-mails pertaining to Live Dragonball Z. If you have a LEGITIMATE reason to contact us, use the Question, Comments, Complaints, and Suggestions form.
Golden Rules
These are mostly here so you don't drive us updaters crazy.