There are six types of Quests you can go on: Legacy Quests, Special Quests, Knowledge Quests, Master Quests, Dragonball Quests, and Role-Play Quests.

Legacy Quests-These Quests can only be done ONCE per character and it may be done from any location. When you first join you are sent a "Welcome to Live Dragonball Z!" PM via the message board. In this PM we will, strongly, suggest to you that your first activity be the Legacy Quest. We suggest this for two reasons. First, the Legacy Quest is designed to give new players a jump-start in the game. The Legacy Quest is very generous in the Power Level points and credits that it gives out. Consequently, if it is NOT the first activity you do, the payouts are less. Second, this Quest allows you time to grow accustomed to the game. The Legacy Quest takes 12 days to complete. Did your jaw just drop? Then you might want to re-think joining. This is a LONG-term game. Quite a few people will join, start the Legacy Quest, and then never return. The Legacy Quest is a good way to weed out any doubt you might have about playing.

Special Quests-These are Quests that have specific scenarios for you to follow and you must be in a specific location to partake in a Special Quest. If you successfully complete the scenario, you gain a fantastic prize. Descriptions of these Special Quests can be found here.

Knowledge Quests-This is a Quest in which you learn a new basic technique. These Quests all last two days and may be done from any location.

Master Quests-This is a Quest in which you learn a new advanced technique. These Quests last an amount of days that depends on the technique and you must be in a specific location to partake in a Master Quest. This information can be found here. You are not permitted to start with an Advanced Technique.

Dragonball Quests-This is the Quest for when you want to find the coveted Dragonballs. More information can be found in the Dragonballs How-to-Play section. Dragonball Quests can only be done on planets that have Dragonballs. Dragonball locations can be found here.

Role-Play Quest-The backbone of our Role-Play element. When you go on a Role-Play Quest, you are taking EVERYTHING into your own hands. Basically, as long as you don't over-board, what you type, is what happens. If you find no credits in the Quest, then you will receive no credits. If no fighting or training goes on, then you receive no Power Level. At the end of your Quest you must state how many credits, PL points, special benefits, etc...  you feel you deserve, but we can, and will, decide to cut it down if your story is not well written. The better written the story, the more you will get.

Please do not feel constrained to ONLY earning credits or Power Level. ANYTHING is possible in a Role-Play Quest, as long as your story is well written, and your actions are JUSTIFIED within the story. Keep in mind that when we managers go over your RQ, how much typing is done, how well the storyline is, and how good your grammar is, will all be taken into account. How well your story is written is directly proportionate to what, and how much, you will be allowed to have. These Quests can be done anywhere.

  • If you wish to "upgrade" a basic weapon, it must be done in a Role-Play Quest. This is further explained in The Forge How-to-Play section.
  • It is entirely possible to write your way to universal domination. Don't get to excited though; we'd expect a novel.

General Rules for Quests

In order to obtain any special benefits from a Quest, the events and/or reasons for special benefits must be role-played and JUSTIFIED. For instance, you are not going to be allowed to earn a Fruit of Might if, in your Role-Play, you do nothing but work as a school janitor. *I put away my broom and went to grab the garbage. To my amazement, a Fruit of Might was in the trash can!* <------ No. Not going to happen. Here is an example of how you might earn a Fruit of Might outside the proper channels (Fruits of Might are very rarely earned outside of Special Quests). Yes, that entire page is the example.

It is not a requirement to write a story for any Quest EXCEPT Role-Play and Special Quests. Stories may be written for the Masters and Dragonball Quests, but instead of earning extra PL and/or credits, you may be able to finish your Quest faster than the set length of time.

  • Keep in mind that by Role-Playing your stories, you are voiding your secrecy. It will be up to you to judge if and when keeping an activity secret out-weighs any benefits you might receive by Role-Playing.
  • You may write out a story for Knowledge Quests, but no extras will be given.

The only Quest where YOU can attack another playing character is the Role-Play Quest. All other Quests you may only BE attacked.

For ALL your Role-Plays (Quests, Gravity Training, Working, etc...), in addition to sending a Form to start your activity, you will need to post the story (Role-Play) portion on the message board in the APPROPRIATE forum with the ACTIVITY TITLE AND THE DATE YOU STARTED as the topic title. Then, after you state how many credits, PL points, special benefits, days off required length, etc... you feel you deserve, any and all members who would like too will view your Role-Play and judge it, giving their opinion on what and how much you should earn for your Role-Play. An updater will usually give an amount that should be considered when making all judgements. If an updater suggests 1000 PL and 100c, then judgements that suggest 100,000 PL and 5000c will be ignored and, if it is a repeating habit, that person will receive PL penalties. However, an updater will not always be immediately available to give a judgement and as such no one needs to WAIT for an updater's suggestion.

  • The final earnings will be decided by an updater and kept private between the updater and the player who performed the activity.
Where 90% of the Role-Playing is done