Live Dragonball Z currently has 14 planets and each planet has numerous locations to be visited. The Universal Market is not a planet but is considered a planet-sized location.

When traveling you can choose to travel on-planet from one location to another or you can travel off-planet to a different location on a different planet.

There are three ways to travel; flying via Buku Jutsu, flying via ship, or teleporting via Instant Transmission, Bunkai Teleport, or Kai Kai.

Buku Jutsu-This can only be used to travel on-planet. It takes one day to get from one location to another and costs nothing in credits or energy.

Ship-There are many types of ships that can be used to travel. You can either purchase one of your own in certain planetary markets or from The Universal Market, or you can buy a ticket for a Space Liner, which can be bought from any planetary market as well as The Universal Market. There are four types of ships to be owned and four types of Space Liners to be used;

  • Saiyan Space Pod-This is the fastest store-bought option. This ship takes two days to travel from one planet to another and costs one unit of fuel per planet traveled. Due to its small size only one person may travel in it at a time and no activities can be done while in this ship.
  • Namekian Space Ship-The second fastest store-bought ship, it takes three days (store-bought) to travel from planet to planet but also only costs one unit of fuel per planet traveled. This ship is large enough to transport five people (store-bought) and has the ability to allow players to go on Knowledge Quests while traveling in it. No other activity is possible while traveling in this ship.
  • Capsule Corp. Ship-This ship takes four days (store-bought) to travel from planet to planet and costs two units of fuel per planet traveled. This ship can hold five people (store-bought) as well but allows for Gravity Training at 100x gravity (store-bought) instead of Knowledge Questing. No other activity is possible while traveling in this ship.
  • Flying Team Training Center-This monster of a vessel takes six days (store-bought) to travel from planet to planet and sucks up a massive four units of fuel per planet traveled. This ship can (currently) hold an unlimited number of people and allows for multiple activies to be done while traveling which are listed on The Universal Market page.
  • Space Liner-By purchasing a Commercial Spaceline Ticket you receive a one use, one way ticket to a planet of your choice. There are four services you may choose from; Standard, Standard Express, First Class, and First Class Express.

All personal space ships use one unit of fuel when traveling within a planet's atmosphere. For a more complete desciption of these ships and what they can do, please visit The Universal Market.

Teleporting-Using a teleportation technique to travel is INSTANT and costs a portion of your Ki and Stamina. Please review the specific technique you would like to know about. Instant Transmission and Bunkai Teleport are located on the Advanced Techniques L-Z page and Kai Kai is located on the Afterlife Techniques page.

General Traveling Rules

To calculate how many days your ship will spend traveling you will first need to visit The Universe page. You should notice that the planets are all connected by a thin green line. NOT COUNTING the planet you are on, count how many planets are between you and your destination. Take that number, and multiply it by the number of days your ship takes to get from one planet to another. So if you are four planets away and are using a Capsule Corp. Ship, it will take 16 days to get there. If you are four planets away and using a Sayain Space Pod, then it takes 8 days and so on and so forth.

Transporting Rules

Items can be transported one of two ways; via the Universal Post Office or via your own personal ship.

  • The UPO is expensive, but fast. Their ships all have the diagonal upgrade on them, thus only taking one day per planet. They charge a flat 10% rate. However much the item(s) is(are) worth, you will be charged 10% of that worth. The UPO does not transport people. Credits are free to transfer.
  • Transporting with your own ship allows you freedom to send what you want, including people, for a potentially far lower price. You will only have to pay the necassary fuel costs. If you own a remote for your ship, you won't have to take the ship yourself, instead using the remote to send and retrieve the ship.

When traveling as a passenger, not a captain, of a player-owned ship, both you and the captain will need to send in Travel and Transport Forms with matching information in order for the action to be successful.
Travel and Transport
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