Live Dragonball Z uses four types of Dragonballs; Earth Dragonballs, Old Namekian Dragonballs, New Namekian Dragonballs, and Darkstar Dragonballs.

Earth-Let me first specify that these are Kami's version of the Dragonballs, not Dende's. These Dragonballs are all located on Earth and must be activated on Earth. Earth's Dragonballs only grant a single wish. After they have been used they become inactive for 30 days. These are the weakest of the four sets.

Old Namek-These Dragonballs are all located and must be activated on Old Namek. They grant three wishes and afterwards become inactive for 45 days. These are stronger than Earth's Dragonballs.

New Namek-These Dragonballs are all located and must be activated on New Namek. They grant three wishes and afterwards become inactive for 45 days. These are stronger than Old Namek's Dragonballs.

Darkstar-First let me clarify that while these are similar to the Darkstar Dragonballs you see in Dragonball GT, they are NOT the same set. These Dragonballs are randomly scattered throughout the galaxy. You will find each of their locations listed on the Dragonballs page. These must be activated on whichever planet is listed as having the #1 Darkstar Dragonball. They grant a whopping five wishes and as such become inactive for 60 days after they are used. When they reactivate they will again be randomly scattered throughout the universe. This is the strongest available set.

  • The seventh Darkstar Dragonball will always be located in the Afterlife and its location will always remain hidden due to the Dragonball Radar's inability to pick up on the seventh star's energy signature. Finding it is still a simple matter though; just visit the location you believe it is at and send an Other Form stating you are searching for the seven-star Darkstar Ball. If it is in that location you will be given the Dragonball. There are 13 locations in the Afterlife and all 13 are possibilities. A 13-sided die is used to determine the location of the seventh Darkstar Dragonball. Please see the Dragonballs page to see how the locations are numbered.


Generally, we play wishes by ear. You tell us what you want to wish for, and we will work it into something manageable for the game. Absolutely no one will be allowed to wish for five hundred zillion million gillion PL times infinity with everlasting immortality (I know everlasting immortality is a bit of an oxymoron, but I'll explain immortality in a minute). Some wishes are easy; You want to wish for a Saiyan Space Pod? Sure, no problem. A waste of a wish in my opinion, but then most no-problem-wishes will be. Others are hard; You want to wish for an ability that automatically doubles your PL every week? Well that is not going to happen, but from that wish, we can work something out that is similar in nature, but different in application. It is very likely a wish like that would be worked into something resembling a .01% increase every month with the condition you burn, or destroy, an equal percentage of a different Stat, like your Stamina or Hit Points. There is also oppurtunity to use more than one wish at once in order to increase the power of a single wish. Using the same wish from above, if you used, for example, all five of your Darkstar Dragonball wishes, then perhaps we could increase that percentage to .05%, while still leaving the burn-off percentage at .01%.

Wishing for immortality, invulnerability, no damage, and anything like that will only last for seven days per wish.

The following wishes have been deemed game-play damaging and are not allowed. Wishing to own a Planet, for infinite anything, for any item(s) costing 5000c or more, for a rule to be canceled out, contradicted, forgotten, etc... for Kaio Ken or "super" transformations, for ANY Technique that requires five or more days to learn as well as Dead Techniques.

Please visit the Dragonballs page for more guidelines on wishes.

General Dragonball Rules

To search for Dragonballs you must have a Dragonball Radar or a Dragonball Scouter.
  • Currently, the only way to obtain a Dragonball Scouter is to win one in a Universal Tournament. Also, currently, the only perk of having a Dragonball Scouter is saving one spot in your chracter's inventory.

Dragonballs take one day per the star number on the Dragonball. A one star Dragonball takes one day, a three star Dragonball takes three days, a five star Dragonball takes five days, etc... This amount of time can be shortened in two ways.

  • Role-Playing-If you Role-Play your time spent on a Dragonball Quest, it will be possible for you to locate the Dragonballs sooner than normal.
  • Items-There are three items (not three TYPES of items but three items), obtainable through Special Quest only, that enable you to locate Dragonballs faster. They are the Flying Nimbus, Magic Carpet, and Frieza's own personal Hover Chair. These items reduce the maximum search time to three days, making a four star Dragonball taking only one day to find, a five star Dragonball two days, etc... More information on these items and the quests can be found on the Special Quest page.

Dragonballs do NOT go with you into The Afterlife. If you are defeated in battle, then, as per the Fights How-to-Play section, your conqueror will be allowed to steal one of your items or part of your credits. Stealing a Dragonball is absolutely allowed! On top of this, because Dragonballs do not go with you into The Afterlife, if you are killed your conqueror can take ALL of your Dragonballs!

Due to the miracle of english being a universal language in Dragonball/Z/GT, everyone may use the Earth's Dragonballs without the aid of a translator. However, both sets of Namekian Dragonballs require either a Namekian character to make the wishes or for you to own a Namekese Translator. The Dark Star Dragonballs were created long ago by an unknown race (remember, Live Dragonball Z's Dark Star Dragonballs are in no way related to GT's Dark Star Dragonballs) and as such require a powerful Universal Translator. Everyone requires this device in order to use the Dark Star Dragonballs.

For ALL your Role-Plays (Quests, Gravity Training, Working, etc...), in addition to sending a Form to start your activity, you will need to post the story (Role-Play) portion on the message board in the APPROPRIATE forum with the ACTIVITY TITLE AND THE DATE YOU STARTED as the topic title. Then, after you state how many credits, PL points, special benefits, days off required length, etc... you feel you deserve, any and all members who would like too will view your Role-Play and judge it, giving their opinion on what and how much you should earn for your Role-Play. An updater will usually give an amount that should be considered when making all judgements. If an updater suggests 1000 PL and 100c, then judgements that suggest 100,000 PL and 5000c will be ignored and, if it is a repeating habit, that person will receive PL penalties. However, an updater will not always be immediately available to give a judgement and as such no one needs to WAIT for an updater's suggestion.

  • The final earnings will be decided by an updater and kept private between the updater and the player who performed the activity.
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