Quest's Name, Planet, Planetary Location (not always necessary), # of times quest can be undertaken
A description of the quest and what must be done in order to complete it successfully. If a quest may only be completed once, the date it is done will be put down in red text.

Z Sword, Sunair, Once
It takes three days to find the keeper of the sword, Zao, and all three days must be Role-Played. This sword never breaks and increases your PL by 50%. A minimum PL of 50,000 required to undertake this Quest. Once found, you will have to fight Zao, who has a PL equal to yours. However, Zao will use the sword when he fights, thus raising his PL to 150% of yours.

Dr. Gero's Lab-Android Plans, Earth, Gero's Canyon, Infinite
You must search a vast canyon looking for Dr. Gero's Lab. A scouter or Sense Ki will help you locate the lab faster. Without one of them, it will take you ten days to find the lab. With one of them, it will take five. After you find the lab, you battle three Androids. One at 75% (.75 times) your PL, another at 125% (1.25 times) your PL, and the last one at 150% (1.5 times) your PL. Once you defeat them, you gain the plans for building Androids. These are considered henchmen and start at 50% your PL. The Androids cost 150,000c to build. For 50,000c extra you can have two basic techniques OR one advanced technique programmed into the Android. Or, for 75,000c instead of 50,000c,you can have four basic techniques OR two advanced techniques. Otherwise, they will start out with no techniques. You can choose any advanced technique that takes five days or less, unless your character personally knows the technique, in which case you can choose one that takes seven days or less. You may build one android per time you complete this quest. Two days must be spent role-playing the search for the lab.

Dr. Gero's Lab-Kamikaze Bomb, Earth, Gero's Canyon, Infinite
This Quest is for Androids only. It is the easiest of all Special Quests. You simply need to find Dr. Gero's Lab, and the automated program takes five days to install the powerful bomb within your body, granting you advanced technique, Kamikaze Attack. One day must be role-played.

Talisman of Zagy, Earth or New Namek, Once per person per successful completion
An extremely powerful artifact, the Talisman of Zagy, is kept hidden in the Dead Zone. This talisman has the ability to double your base Power Level! You must convince either the current Kami (Earth) or the current Guru (New Namek) to open the portal so that you may attempt to find it. Once inside, you must defeat five warriors. From weakest to strongest, their PL's are: Gormend has the same PL as you, 100%; Riplend has 110% your PL; Borgend has 125%; Kelpmend has 140%; and Zegmend has 150%. Once you defeat them you will be free to search the vastness of the Dead Zone. But, if you should lose at anytime, to anyone of them, you will become a prisoner of the Dead Zone for 30 days. This quest must be completed before you can learn the advanced technique The Dead Zone, whether the talisman has been obtained or not. This quest takes two days and you must role-play the journey into and out of the Dead Zone. One day in, one day out. Power Level raising ITEMS ONLY are allowed to be used in this quest.

Guru's Hidden Power, Old Namek, The Elder's Tower, Three times per person
This quest takes one week to complete. Guru will help you to understand your inner potential up to three times in your lifetime (dieing does not revoke this), but only during certain stages of your strength. He will help you once before you reach a Power Level of 100,001, once before 1,000,001, and one last time before 10,000,001. After the week long training session, you will be required to put your new-found skills to the test by fighting a clone of yourself. Should you be successful, your power will be doubled! Two days must be role-played.

Wisdom, Konats, Once per person
This quest takes ten days to complete. Once completed your Intelligence stat will change to a Wisdom stat. You will then be able to learn ALL techniques in half the time, unless the technique already requires the Wisdom stat OR the technique's description forbids it. Three days must be role-played.

Flying Nimbus, Earth, Kame House, Once
You must convince the shepherd of the Nimbus Cloud herd to allow you the chance to befriend the chosen cloud. The Sheppard is the only individual who knows how to summon the Flying Nimbus and will only summon the chosen cloud if you are able to acquire three dates for him. Whether or not with the same woman is questionable. The Sheppard requires each (first) date to include a full course dinner, a movie event, and a late night walk on his own private beach, however, if there is more than one date with the same woman, the second (and perhaps third) dates may be decided by you. Though there are only three dates, this quest must be no shorter than ten days. The Flying Nimbus is available only to people with an alignment of +4 or +5. Flying Nimbus helps speed up Dragonball Quests.

Magic Carpet, Earth, Kami's Lookout, Once
Mr. Popo, alive and well indeed!, is the only person with the magical know-how to create a magic carpet. All he asks for in return is a little help tending to his gardens. Ten days of tending and he will gladly create one for you. Three days minimum must be role-played. The Magic Carpet to available to everyone. The Magic Carpet helps speed up Dragonball Quests.

Frieza's Hover Chair, Frieza #79, Once
This quest takes ten days to complete, three of which must e role-played. The hover chair is hidden in a secret vault and protected by an advanced hologram of Frieza. The hologram is able to read your power level and increase it's own accordingly. It's PL will be 110% of yours. Defeat the hologram, and the chair is yours. Frieza's Hover Chair is only available to people with and alignment of -4 or -5. Frieza's Hover Chair helps speed up Dragonball Quests.

Senzu Bean, Earth, Korin Tower, Infinite
For a single Senzu Bean you must climb Korin Tower and wait for Korin to grow you a one. Korin only asks for a nominal fee of 500c for those with a +3 or higher alignment, 1000c for an alignment between +2 and -2, and 1500c for an alignment of -3 or lower. This quest takes five days. One day of climbing and the day of senzu growing must be role-played.

Senzu Bean Farm, Earth, Korin Tower, Once per person
In order to learn how to grow your own Senzu Bean farm, you must help Korin tend to his own farm. Your alignment determines how long it will take for you to earn your green thumb. +3 or higher will take two weeks, between -2 and +2 will take three weeks, and -3 or lower will take four weeks. Two days per week must be role-played. You must also pay 100,000c per week to cover the expense of the supplies Korin gives you and his lost business. You must also own either a Team Training Center or a planet before you can begin to grow your farm. Beware! If you lose the planet, you lose the farm!

Senzu Bean Fertilizer, Earth, Korin Tower, Infinite
People who have already proven their ability to successfully grow one Senzu Bean may return to Korin Tower to obtain his special fertilizer that boosts the nutrients in the farm's soil so that your farm can produce one additional bean per month. Korin requires an intense gardening session where you must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you possess the gardening skills of a master botanist. This quest takes ten days, four of which must be role-played. The fertilizer is limited to boosting your soil to a point where it can grow a maximum of five Senzu Beans per month. Korin has heard rumors of a mighty fertilizer that could boost the soil even more...

Saibaman, Old Vegeta, Training Camp, Infinite
Lean, mean, green, and not quite machines, these little devils are here to serve, even if it means giving up their own lives. In order to own one you must first prove you are strong enough to handle them. Anyone too weak to pass the test would be too weak to control a saibaman. You must defeat two saibamen that will have the same PL as you at the same time. Do this, and your very own saibaman will be grown for you. This quest takes two days, one to set up the fight, and one for the fight. One day must be role-played. It costs 100,000c to pay for the materials needed to grow a saibaman. Your saibaman will start out with the techniques Saigo no Waza “Final Skill” and Acid Stream and it's PL will remain at 1/8 of yours at all times.

Saibamen Fruit (all types), New Vegeta, Endless Forest, Infinite
There are four varieties available; regular Fruit, Super Fruit, Power Fruit, and Equality Fruit. Your saibaman must undertake this quest and it must go in order. It has to prove itself capable of withstanding the increase in power by fighting another saibaman that has already had it's power increased. If you have a regular saibaman it will have to fight one that has been given the regular Fruit. If your saibaman has had the regular Fruit it will have to fight one that has been given the Super Fruit and so on and so forth. These power levels will be based off your character PL. It takes two days to complete this quest, one to set up the fight, and one for the fight. One day must be role-played. It costs 100,000c to buy a regular Fruit, 250,000c for a Power Fruit, 500,000 for a Super Fruit, and 1,000,000c for an Equality Fruit. Regular Fruit jumps the PL modifier to 1/6, Power Fruit to 1/4, Super Fruit to 1/2, and Equality Fruit will keep your Saibaman's PL at 50% of yours but it will become a full-blown, extra, character for you to play with, one you could reincarnate into who/whatever you want.

Time Machine, Earth, West Capital City, Infinite
Spend two weeks running errands for the current administration of Capsule Corp. so that you can garner trust and favor. After weaseling your way into the "Circle of Trust" you can convince them to sell you an extremely valuable time machine. So valuable in fact, that they will still charge you 5,000,000c for it. While you will never be thrown out of the "Circle of Trust", neither will the price ever come down. The time machine can be used for EITHER restarting five fights that YOU are involved in, OR allowing you to complete 30 days of activity instantly. It can NOT be used in a Universal Role-Play unless express permission is given.
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