To fuse you and another person must know the Fusion Dance, have Poterra Earrings, or you must have Gravity Sparred with one or more individual(s) for 30 days non-stop. Fusing combines your Power Level with the Power Level's of the other individuals you fuse with, along with the fused character knowing all the techniques of the people involved in the fusion. Any special attributes the players might have will be reviewed at the time of fusion and revised if necessary. For instance, there can not be a fused being that can go Super Saiyan AND transform into a fourth form Changeling. However, the Super Saiyan's transformation OR the fourth form Changeling's power increase can be increased beyond the normal amount. So if a Super Saiyan and a fourth form Changeling fuse, instead of increasing the Power Level by eight times, it may, as an example, go up to 12 times.

  • Fusion Dance and the Poterra Earrings only allow two people to fuse, while Gravity Sparring allows for as many people as you want.
  • Fusion is not permanent. You stay fused until you asked to be de-fused.
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