Everyone loves a big explosion. Saiyans, Namekians, weird pink blobs of magical chewing gum... Everyone. But it's when these explosions destroy whole planets that other people really start to sit up and take notice of those demands you've been making about that bus to drive you and your hostages to the airport. ~ Heimal

Any and all techniques may destroy a planet. Most of them, however, aren't very good at it. If, in the special effects category, a technique is listed as being a Planet Killer, then that technique will be much more effective at destroying a planet than a technique such as Eye Beam.

  • If the technique you are using has the Planet Killer effect, take the amount of Hit Point Damage the technique causes, and multiply it by the level of the techniques planet killing effectiveness.
  • Any technique that does NOT have the Planet Killer effect must do TWICE the required damage.

There are three ways to blow up a planet; slowly, a la Frieza's disaster on Namek, quickly, a la the way Vegeta did in Arlia, or instantly, a la Kid Buu versus Earth. All of the descriptions below are done with the understanding that you are using a Planet Killer technique. Remember that if you are not, the damage required will be twice as much.

100% damage (slowly)-If a technique does damage equal to 100% of the planet's Hit Points, then it does not instantly blow up. Instead, it is weakened, and will blow up within a 24 hour period. Those who can escape may do so in this time via any method available to them, but after 24 hours (LDBZ time) the planet will explode, killing anyone and everyone still on it.

130% (quickly)-If a technique does damage equal to 130% of the planet's Hit Points, then it will blow up in the same manner, except MUCH faster. Only people with some form of teleportation may escape.

165% (instantly)-If a technique does damage equal to 165% of the planet's Hit Points, then it will blow up instantly and catastrophically in a tremendous explosion. No one will have the opportunity to escape except those who witness the attack being formed and used. This means you must actually be INVOLVED in the fight or action that precipitated the technique being used.

General Rules for Blowing Up Planets

If at anytime you want to destroy a planet, you MUST clear it with an updater first.

You will only be able to destroy a planet while in a fight, or by Role-Playing it out. No one is allowed to send a form that simply states "I want to use my available energy to blow up Earth."

The only way to replenish a planet's HP is by a Dragonball wish. The only way to bring a destroyed planet back into existence is to use two wishes.

If you are on a planet when it blows up, you die.

Yes, attacks aimed at destroying a planet can be blocked if you have the proper stats to do so and provided you are inolved in the fight or action that precipitated the technique being used.
Blowing Up Planets
Can't beat your opponent? Blow up the battlefield!