When you join Live Dragonball Z you must choose an alignment for your character. There are eleven options to choose from.

  • +5. Pure Good-You character is the epitome of all that is good. Mr. Popo is a good example of this alignment.
  • +4. Mostly Good-You're pretty good but don't see stepping on grass as bad. Goku would fall in this category.
  • +3. Good-You're nice and everything but you have your downsides. Piccolo would fall in this category.
  • +2. Mischievous-You're not bad but no one would call you a good goody either. Kid Trunks and Goten would fall in this category.
  • +1. Fair Neutral-You're your own person but lend a helping hand if you think you're needed. Oolong (without the cowardice!) would fall into this category.
  • 0. Nuetral-You simply go about your life, producing neither acts of good or evil. You live just to live. Yajirobe is a good example of this alignment.
  • -1. Unfair Neutral-You live for yourself and only help others when it will benefit you. Vegeta fits this category.
  • -2. Prankster-You're not good but you're more of a nuisance than a problem. Emperor Pilaf suits this alignment.
  • -3. Evil-You're evil most of the time but there are moments when you're heart wavers. Piccolo, while in the beginning stages of training Gohan, would fall in this category.
  • -4. Mostly Evil-You're pretty evil but don't see sparing innocent people as too good a deed for you. Radditz is a good indicator for this alignment.
  • -5. Pure Evil-You're the baddest of bad. You kill simply because you can. Kid Buu would fall in this category.

Alignment is mostly to determine what you can and can't learn and can and can't do in The Afterlife. If there is a cause for alignment to affect something in the living universe, you will be notified case by case.

You can change your alignment but the further away you are from one side, the harder it is to get to the other. For example, it will be ALMOST impossible for a Pure Evil aligned person to become Pure Good. A Mostly Good aligned person will have an EXTREMELY better chance at becoming Pure Good. Changing you're alignment MUST be Role Played in a Role-Play Quest. For every point in alignment that you are away from another point, a minimum of 1000 words must be used when Role-Playing a change of alignment.
Are you good? Evil? Or somewhere in-between?