There are two types of Gravity Training to be done. Training by yourself (simply referred to as Gravity Training) and sparring with another person (referred to as Gravity Sparring).

Gravity Training-This is pretty straight forward. You send a form stating how long you want to train for and in what gravity amount. You earn PL, and spend stamina, based on the formulas on the Formulas page.

Gravity Sparring-Gravity Sparring is two or more people participating in the same session of Gravity Training. Again, you earn PL, and spend stamina, based on the formulas on the Formulas page, though you earn, and spend, more.

  • If multiple people want to spar, each individual will have to send in a Gravity Training Form. Also, the weakest person involved must be at least half the Power Level of the strongest person involved.
  • Gravity Sparring with one or more persons for 30 non-stop days will grant you the ability to to fuse with any AND ALL participating sparrers. This DOES mean that an infinite number of people can fuse into one person. Please see the Fusion How-to-Play section for more information on fusing.
  • You are not allowed you use any type of split-form technique or clone technique in order to increase the number of sparrers involved.

The Gravity Chart is for you to use so you can determine what planet is best for you to train on as well as the appropriate amount of gravity you want to train under. If you try to train in too high of an amount of gravity, you will be wounded. Please see the Fights How-to-Play section for more information on Wounded Status Mode.

  • Being immortal or invulnerable allows you to train under 30% more gravity than what you normally can.
  • Once you have trained at the maximum gravity level available on the planets you will have to start training in the Room of Spirit and Time. Please see the Room of Spirit and Time How-to-Play section for more information.

When training or sparring in a transformation (such as Super Saiyan), instead of spending your regular Stamina, you will be required to spend your Super Stamina. More information on Transformations can be found in the Transformations How-to-Play section.

Training for extended period of times will earn you additional PL points.

  • Ten to 19 days gets you a 50% (multiply your base earning by 1.5) increase to your earned PL, 20 to 29 days gets you a 75% (multiply your base earning by 1.75) increase to your earned PL, and 30 days gets you a 100% (multiply your base earning by 2) increase to your earned PL.

Weighted Clothing increases the amount of Power Level you gain from training or sparring, but the amount of pounds (lbs) you can wear is limited to the same amount as the gravity you are training in times 10. Training in 100x gravity means you can wear up to 1000 lbs of WC.

  • When determing the extra amount you earn from wearing WC, the amount you wear is first doubled, then that number is added to your Power Level gain PER DAY you train or spar.
  • If you wear Weighted Clothing while Sparring you will gain an extra 10% for every ten days (multiply your total earning by 1.1 for ten days or less, 1.2 for 11 to 20 days, and 1.3 for 21 to 30 days). That is an increase ON TOP OF the increases for training alone. HOWEVER, the difference in Power Levels can only be a margin of 25% (Either direction), as opposed to 50%.
  • For every 100 lbs. of Weighted Clothing you Train in, it will cost an extra one Stamina PER DAY you Train. It will cost two extra Stamina PER DAY for Gravity Sparring.

Holographic Trainers also increase the amount of Power Level you gain from training or sparring but, if you use one, you are required to train or spar for a full 30 days. Holographic Trainers may be used as a sole sparring partner as well as a sparring partner where there are more than one "real" sparrers. However, the PL bonus will only be given to the owner, as the owner is the trainer's sole focus. More information on the Holographic Trainer can be found at The Universal Market.

For ALL your Role-Plays (Quests, Gravity Training, Working, etc...), in addition to sending a Form to start your activity, you will need to post the story (Role-Play) portion on the message board in the APPROPRIATE forum with the ACTIVITY TITLE AND THE DATE YOU STARTED as the topic title. Then, after you state how many credits, PL points, special benefits, days off required length, etc... you feel you deserve, any and all members who would like too will view your Role-Play and judge it, giving their opinion on what and how much you should earn for your Role-Play. An updater will usually give an amount that should be considered when making all judgements. If an updater suggests 1000 PL and 100c, then judgements that suggest 100,000 PL and 5000c will be ignored and, if it is a repeating habit, that person will receive PL penalties. However, an updater will not always be immediately available to give a judgement and as such no one needs to WAIT for an updater's suggestion.

  • The final earnings will be decided by an updater and kept private between the updater and the player who performed the activity.
Gravity Training
Goku does 10,000 repetitions. How many can you do?