Transformation List

Almost every race can achieve a transformation of some sort (click link above). These transformations provide a large boost to your character in the form of Power Level, Stats, Techniques, etc... All transformations have requirements of some sort as well. Some require a certain Power Level, some require a certain Intelligence level, etc... But one thing they all have in common (except for Changelings), as a requirement, is that in order to achieve the transformation, you must go on a Role-Play Quest that lasts seven days, and you must write a minimum of 7000 words. Quests for transformations are one of the two quests in Live Dragonball Z that have a minimum word count (the other is for changing your alignment). There is one final requirement for any player to reach a transformation; you must first be an active player for three months.

Saiyans-When Saiyans reach a certain power level they achieve the ability to transform into a more powerful fighter, called Super Saiyan. Their hair turns golden and their eyes turn teal.

  • Super Saiyan One-Achievable at a Power Level of 10,000,000 this transformation multiplies your PL by four times. All of your stats are adjusted accordingly to reflect this.

Changelings-Born WITH the ability to transform, changelings reach their "Super" transformation when they transform into their fifth form. Changelings transform by using the ability Henshin Nouryoku, as explained on the Advanced Techniques A-H page.

  • Changelings are born into Henshin Nouryoku level one. Levels two, three, and four are achievable when the proper WISDOM is reached by simply going on a Master Quest. Once level five is desired, a Master Quest, or Role-Play quest, must be completed. Henshin Nouryoku takes an amount of days equal to level desired*3 which means level five would take 15 days. Every fifth level (I.E. level five, ten, fifteen, twenty, etc...) is considered a Super Level and requires a Role-Played quest with a minimum of 7000 words.

Once you have achieved the Super transformation of a race, a new stat comes with it; Super Stamina. This is further explained on the Stats How-to-Play section.

All other races are currently under discussion and will come out based on player needs.  For more information, click the link near the top of the page to see a current transformation list.
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